Top 10 Most Popular Marijuana Stocks On the Internet

marijuana stocks top 10 What are the top 10 most popular marijuana stocks on the internet? I used a combination of internet traffic tools and metrics from Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, web pages indexed by search engines, and news mentions – to find out the most popular cannabis stocks on the internet. Extra weight was added to the most recent Google Trends, Google Keyword tool results, and news mentions, to arrive at a more current assessment. Here is a breakdown of the metrics used, as well as the emphasis of weight: marijuana-stocks-top-10-metrics By using the pulse of the internet to figure out what the most popular marijuana stocks are, I figured this would not only be a method to gain insight of investor sentiment, emotion, support, and focus – but that of the internet news media as well. I found the results interesting. For example, I thought MJNA would be higher on the charts. After all, over the last year, it been the most typed pot stock on the search engines. But since the metrics are heavily weighted towards recent results, MJNA ended up last on the charts – at #10. MDBX is another marijuana stock, I thought, would have ranked higher on the charts. Despite recent mainstream media attention, and the grudge match involving FINRA, MDBX didn’t place at all in the top 10. Without further delay, here are the most popular stocks on the internet:

      1. PHOT (GrowLife, Inc) - By far, PHOT is the most popular on the list. Over the last 2 and a half months, this weed stock has been trending consistently – at a very high rating – on Google Trends. This helped PHOT land the number 1 spot, as the most popular marijuana stock, on the internet. This marijuana grow supply company has more than doubled in share price ever since the first of the year. It has reached a high of 55 cents per share, after beginning the year around 20 cents. In an industry that is just beginning to bloom, the sky could be the limit for this one. Can GrowLife outmuscle its’ competitors and be the premier grow supply company?score-1
      2. FITX (Creative Nutrition aka Cen Biotech) - It’s really no surprise FITX is right behind PHOT on the popularity charts. These two companies have been piggybacking  off of each other – in press releases and the news media – ever since a collaboration was announced between the two. Recent media attention from mainstream financial publications such as Business Insider and Forbes, has helped the popularity of FITX. In addition, its’ Facebook page, has been getting investors excited and keeping them in the loop. FITX was trading at less than a penny at the beginning of the year and now is looking to break 10 cents a share once again. The question is, how high can FITX go?score-2
      3. TRTC (Terra Tech) – TRTC finds itself at number 3 on the popularity charts because of consistency. It is nowhere near the top in any of the categories, but it scored consistently and often. TRTC began the year at 20 cents a share and quadrupled it’s stock price since the beginning of the year, from about 20 cents a share to 80+ cents. If you would have invested $100 in marijuana stocks at the beginning of the year, including this one, your return would have been impressive – to say the least. This hydroponics grow company, which has received publicity several times on Jim Cramer’s The Street, is positioning itself to be a major player in the cannabis industry. Does TRTC have what it takes to be a the sole hydroponics leader in the industry?score-3
      4. FULL (Full Circle Capitol Corp) – FULL finds itself near the top of the popularity charts, after being the first pot stock to not score points in all categories. But since FULL scored high in the more weighted categories, it finds itself at #4. FULL’s timely investment in Advanced Cannabis Solution and Jim Cramer’s The Street’s recent upgrade from hold to buy has strengthened investment confidence and helped increase popularity in this stock.  Can FULL break the $10 per share mark anytime soon?score-4
      5. CANV (Cannavest Corp) – The latest Google Trends data helped this pot stock land in the #5 position on the popularity charts. Without this data, it most likely would not be in the top 10. CANV has skyrocketed in price since the beginning of the year and has since reached a high around $96.00 per share. This company specializes in hemp based consumer products. Cannavest Corp is considered one of the largest american cannabis players in the industry. How much longer can this stock sustain such a high price per share?score-5
      6. FSPM (Fusion Pharm) – The most recent trending data, and a consistent score in most categories, helped this stock become one of the 10 most popular marijuana stocks on these charts. This weed stock was trading at 60+ cents at the beginning of the year and has since skyrocketed to over $8 per share. Fusion Pharm is a manufacturer and seller of cultivation containers. FSPM has done really well for itself  despite flying silently under the mainstream radar. Can FSPM maintain its’ strong share price?score-5
      7. CBIS (Cannabis Science Inc) – CBIS failed to score in points in the category that mattered most, but a steady score in most other categories finds this weed stock at #7. Cannabis Science is involved in the research  and development of medical cannabis compounds. CBIS began the year at just 8 cents a share and has more than doubled ever since.score-6
      8. AEGY (Alternative Energy Partners) – One of the most currently trending marijuana stocks finds itself at #8. The month of February saw many press releases by Alternative Energy Partners, which may have had something to due with its recent popularity. AEGY is the only marijuana penny stock that is currently trading less than a penny. The recent launch of its’ delivery service, PharmaJanes, helped push this penny stock to 1 cent per share.score-8
      9. HEMP (Hemp Inc) – HEMP hasn’t been one of the more trending marijuana stocks but finds itself at #9 on these charts. This cannabis penny stock began the year at just 3 cents a share and then blasted off to 30 cents a share during the first week of february. Imagine if you would have invested $100 in this marijuana stock? With the recent presidential endorsement of hemp, this company is looking towards the future.score-9
      10. MJNA (Marijuana, Inc) - One of the most popular marijuana stocks over the last year, according to searches on Google, MJNA started the year without making much noise at all. In fact, when the cannabis stock sector was booming and making waves in the mainstream media, MJNA was making hardly any noise. It wasn’t until the end of January when it finally added to the noise and launched itself towards the 40 cent per share mark. MJNA finally did get into the mix when its portfolio company HempMeds PX got some mainstream exposure on NBC.score-10


Disclosure: The author has positions in  PHOT and FITX. The author has no business relationships with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. The author is not compensated by anyone for this article.


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